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Frågor & Svar

  • Tickets: What about tickets bought with insurance?
    The insurance was valid until 1 July 2020. It is not valid after this date. Insurance info: Insurance: Disease? Unforeseen events? Play it safe before the safe and add this insurance. The ticket purchased together with this insurance can be repurchased for any reason until 20200701 at 17:00. Only the ticket that belongs to this package can be repurchased, not any add-ons such as Easy Pass etc. Service fees and the cost of this insurance (SEK 150-300 of the total price depending on the ticket) are not refunded upon repurchase. Repurchases are made by contacting Tickster 0771-477070 (open every day 8-17, Saturday 10-14, Sunday closed) Last day for repurchase 2019-07-01, after which this insurance ceases to apply.
  • Tickets: My friend's name is on my ticket, can I enter the festival?"
    Yes, the ticket is not personal so it does not matter which name is written on the ticket. The name cannot be changed. Please note that Bayside Festival is not responsible for tickets purchased secondhand.
  • Tickets: I have not received an email with my ticket. What do I do?
    Check the junk inbox of the email. If it is not there, contact our ticket company Tickster on 0771 - 47 70 70 on weekdays between 8am and 5pm or
  • Tickets: I have bought a ticket but have been prevented. Can I sell my ticket?
    The ticket is not personal so you can resell the ticket. However, we do not recommend buying the ticket on the secondary market because there are no guarantees that it is not a copied ticket. Purchase of tickets on the secondary market is at your own risk.
  • Tickets: When should I buy tickets? Could it be sold out?
    In 2019, approximately 10,000 tickets were sold per day. The prices increase the closer we get to the festival, so the tip is to buy the ticket well in advance.
  • Tickets: When is the next price increase?
    The ticket price is increased at each ticket phase. You can see the different ticket phases on the ticket page here:
  • Tickets: I have bought two tickets for me and my friend, but both tickets have my own name on them. Will there be a problem with wristband collection?"
    No, there is no problem. The tickets are not personal, so it does not matter which name is written on the ticket. Please note that you cannot collect festival wristbands for other people.
  • The Festival: Where will the festival take place?
    The festival will be arranged at Olympia Park in central Helsingborg. GPS address: Mellersta Stenbocksgatan 14, Helsingborg. A bath house will be built at our previous festival area at Pixlapiren and we are very happy about our new festival area at Olympia Park.
  • The festival: What is the age limit at the festival?
    No age limit for the general festival area 18 years+ for bar areas 21 years+ (the year you turn 21) for the Premium area at the Olympia Stage
  • The festival: Do I get my money back if an artist cancels?
    No. The festival ticket is valid for the festival experience, not an individual artist. Bayside Festival reserves the right for artists to cancel at short notice.
  • The festival: What can I bring to the festival?
    * Empty plastic bottles (transparent only) * Makeup * Tobacco * E-cig / Vapes * Binoculars * Ponchos * Changes * Medicine & Diabetes Needles We recommend that you read through all the rules for the festival to avoid problems or misunderstandings. Rules can be found here:
  • Festivalen: Vilka öppettider har festivalen?
    Fredag 12 juli: 15.30-00.30 Lördag 13 juli: 15.30-00.30 Sedan har efterfesten på Sirocco och Le Cardinal öppet från 23.59-05.00 både 12 och 13 juli.
  • The festival: Can I wish for an artist?
    Absolutely! We love hearing from our fans. Write to us on Facebook or Instagram.
  • The festival: What kind of artist do you book for the festival?
    Most of our artists are in the EDM, hip-hop and pop genres. We like good live artists.
  • The festival: Will there be a wardrobe at the festival?
    Yes. Additional fee. If you have a Premium ticket or an Easy-Pass, a wardrobe is included.
  • The festival: Can I work as a volunteer at the festival?
    Yes. Read more about this here:
  • Wristband collection: Do I print the ticket or show the ticket on the mobile phone?
    You simply show the ticket via the mobile phone. Printed tickets also work.
  • Wristband collection: Can I add my ticket to "Wallet" in the mobile phone?"
    Yes, Tickster supports it.
  • Bracelet collection: Can I collect bracelets for other people?
    No, everyone must collect their own bracelets.
  • Wristband collection: Can visitors with a Premium Pass or Comfort Pass go first in the queue?
    Yes, there is a fast track at the festival entrance and wristband collection for visitors with Premium Pass or Comfort Pass. Buy your Premium Pass or Comfort Pass here:
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